"The stars were there just yesterday, it was like any other day, until the sun simply failed to rise. There was no signs and astrologers and the like are baffled, no one can say exactly what happened. It seems to be a mystery of the heavens that even we can not quiet comprehend.

This has many people, asking if it is the end of days, are we doomed, there is no easy or ready answer for this. With the sun not rise, and the fact everything is simple blacked out, we at Channel Five news can not stress enough that you stay indoors, and bar and lock your houses, looters have been seen in the Golden Acres part of Chicago. Wild reports of monsters have reach us and we have a reporter looking into it.

This is Carol Rivers, of Channel Five News, I will be right here with you, with updates and reports though the Blackout that has effected all of the World.

Beware The Dark